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Windows 7

Windows 7 is a PC operating system released by Microsoft in 2009.  For many years, it has been the primary operating system in use at DePaul.  Although it is gradually being replaced by Windows 10, Windows 7 can still be found in DePaul computer labs, and many DePaul offices.
Notable Features of Windows 7 include: 
  • Enhanced Taskbar, with jump lists and thumbnail previews
  • Shake, Snap & Peek, three quick ways to minimize and resize open windows
  • Libraries, which brings together files stored on multiple drives to make it easier to find and organize files scattered across your PC or network
  • Windows Search, which helps to find and manage files, folders, and disks easier and with greater speed

Getting Started in Windows 7

Windows 7 Essential Training author David Rivers helps users of any level feel comfortable with and learn how to get the most out of Windows 7.

The New Desktop Quick Guide Your printable guide to the Windows 7 desktop.

Window Controls Quick Guide Navigate through Widnow's Explorer more efficiently with this printable quick guide.

Task Bar Quick Guide A printable guide to navigating and customizing the Task Bar.

Windows SearchThe new and improved search feature can help you to find and manage files, folders, and disks more easily, and with greater speed.

Shortcut Keys Save time with keyboard shortcuts.