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Windows 10

Windows 10 is Microsoft's newest operating system.  Windows 10 was designed to be the Windows you know, only better.  It combines the best features of Windows 7 and Windows 8 with some new features including a more personalized experience, better security, and the ability to see open tasks in a single view.  

Notable features include:

  • Reimagined Start Menu
  • Cortanaan intelligent personal assistant app that will help you in everything you do during the day; including sending email, scheduling events, setting reminders,searching the web, or searching you devices. (Please note that Cortana is not currently available on DePaul-owned computers.)
  • Integrated Cloud Storage:  It has never been easier to access all of your files and documents regardless of where you are or what device you are using.  With the seamless integration of your Sky Drive account into Windows 10 and Office 2016, you only need to log into your Windows account to access your content and settings.
  • Apps from the Windows Store: Customize your computer and start screen with apps from the windows store.  "App" is another word for application or program. Many popular apps come built into Windows, and more are available the Windows Store, conveniently accessible from your Start Screen.
  • Free Upgrade: Want to upgrade your personal computer?  Eligible machines can upgrade to Windows 10 completely free!  

Getting Started in Windows 10 

Meet Windows 10:  Meet the new Windows, with this 2-minute video from Microsoft.

Windows 10 New Features:   Windows 10 is here! Explore the core new features and improvements in Microsoft's newest operating system with this video.

Windows 10 Essential Training:  Learn all the essential features of Windows 10. This comprehensive course covers everything you need to know to install Windows, customize it to your liking, and start working with files and applications. author Nick Brazzi shows how to manage folders, use Cortana to search and navigate, browse the web with the new Microsoft Edge browser, and work with Mail, Calendars, and People.

Windows 10 Online Tutorial:  a multimedia presentation will teach you to get around your computer, use search and help, introduce the reimagined Start menu, introduce Cortana as well as all the other new features Windows 10 has to offer. ​

Windows 10 at DePaul: New PCs ordered through Procurement Services come with Windows 10 installed by the Technology Depot. ​

Upgrade Your Personal Computer​Eligible machines can upgrade to Windows 10 completely free!  You’ll have a free, full version of Windows 10 -- not a trial or a lite version -- if you complete your upgrade before July 29, 2016.​  ​​