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Campus Connect Resources for Students

The Student Center should be your first stop in Campus Connect.   Here you will find the most important features for students.  Not finding what you need in the Student Center?  Try browsing through the Main Menu at the top of the screen.  Most of the features you need will be located under Self Service.  The search bar at the top of the main menu can help you to quickly locate a page.

Directory of Student Features

For a detailed list of the features within Campus Connect and where to find each of them, visit our Directory of Campus Connect Student Features.
The Student Center is a one-stop spot to access your academic, financial, and personal information in Campus Connect.  From the Student Center, you can view your course schedule, register for classes, check your grades, request a transcript, view your financial aid, view your tuition account, update your personal contact information, and much more.​

There are four ways to access the Student Center:

The Student Center tab at the top of your Campus Connect homepage
On the homepage, in Student Reminders, there is a Student Center link
Main Menu > Student Center > Student Center
Main Menu > Self Service > Student Center

Most of the features commonly used by Students can be found in the Self Service menu in Campus Connect.  Here you have access to your course registration, academic records, tuition account, financial aid, and more.  Use the search box in the main menu to quickly locate pages.​

​There are two ways access the Self Service menu:

From the top menu bar, select Main Menu > Self Service
From the side menu on the homepage, select Self Service
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