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Clear Browser Cache

If you have having difficulty accessing Campus Connect, one of the first things you should try is clearing your browser cache.

Keyboard Shortcut:

On most computers, you can use a keyboard shortcut to clear your browser cache.  On a Windows computer press "control" + "shift" + "delete."  On a Mac, press "command" + "shift" + "delete."  If that does not work, try the instructions below for your specific browser.

Internet Explorer 1​0 & 11:

Note: Internet Explorer is not fully compatible with Campus Connect at this time.  You can try using Campus Connect in Compatibility View using the instructions below.  If this does not work, please try a different browser.
  1. Click on the gear icon in the top right corner.
  2. From the “Safety" menu, select “Delete Browsing History."
  3. Uncheck the box "Preserve Favorites website data."   Check the boxes “Temporary Internet files,” “Cookies,” and “History.”
  4. Select “Delete."
  5. Reboot your computer.
  6. Navigate to the Campus Connect login screen.
  7. See if the Compatibility View button appears in the Address bar.  The button will look like a ripped piece of paper.  If the Compatibility View button is visible, click the button.

Microsoft Edge:

  1. Click on the Hub icon, which looks like three horizontal bars, and is located in the upper right hand corner just to the right to the “Favorites” star.
  2. From this menu, click on “Clear all history.”
  3. Select “Cookies and saved website data” and “Cached data andfiles.”
  4. Click "Clear."
  5. Reboot your computer.​


  1. Press the Menu button (three horizontal lines) at the top-right.
  2. Select "History."
  3. Select "Clear Recent History."
  4. Set "Time range to clear" drop-down to "Everything."
  5. Select "Browsing & Download History", "Cookies", "Cache", "Active Logins."
  6. Click “Clear Now."
  7. Reboot your computer.

Google Chrome:

  1. Press the "Customize and control Google Chrome" buttonwhich looks like three horizontal lines​ and is located at the top-right corner.
  2. Select "History."
  3. Select "Clear Browsing Data."
  4. In the "Obliterate the following from" drop-down, select "the beginning of time."
  5. Check the boxes for "Browsing history," "Download history," "Cookies and other site and plug-in data" and "Cached images and files."
  6. Press "Clear browsing data."
  7. Reboot your computer.


  1. Click on "Safari" in the top left corner.
  2. Select "Clear History."
  3. Select "All history" from the drop-down menu.
  4. Click "Clear history."
  5. Reboot your computer.
If you are still having difficulty opening a page after clearing your browser's cache, you may want to also try allowing pop-up windows in your browser.