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Portfolio of Past Work

Browse some of our past work. Does any of this content spark an idea for your next project? The Media Production and Training (MPT) staff are more than happy to work with you on achieving your creative goals!

  • DePaul Strategic Planning for Excellence

    What does academic excellence look like at DePaul? This video demonstrates the academic excellence strategic planning for 2018.

  • Jennifer Mata's Course Introduction

    This is an introduction to Professor Mata's Hybrid course. This was an excellent way to introduce herself to the class with a personal approach. She was able to introduce herself and give information on the class in this video montage by MPT.

  • Daniel Makagon's Online Course Introduction

    This is a short introductory video to Daniel's online course for Audio Documentary Production. Daniel chose to film his piece on the streets of Chicago to further enhance the theme of the class. We also felt this approach gave the class a personable look into the life of their professor.

  • School of Nursing Simulation

    Nursing students practice caring for and treating a patient in their simulation lab. MPT documented the simulation so students could watch and learn from their experience.

  • 2012 Althletics Premier

    MPT partnered with DePaul Athletics to showcase each Blue Demon team and welcome DePaul students to cheer for their fellow student athletes.

  • 2012 DePaul Women's Basketball Recruit Video

    The purpose of this video is to showcase the 2011-2012 Blue Demons season to prospective student athletes.

  • DePaul's Zafèn Fundraiser

    Zafèn is a funding source for growing Haitian businesses and social projects that do not qualify for traditional bank loans and otherwise would not have access to capital. DePaul held this fundraising event to support Haiti.

  • Cubicle Etiquette

    This is a fun video starring Matt Nikkila, Dave Karasik and Lily Sullivan. The three Chicago-improv veterans demonstrate proper cubicle etiquette in the work place.

  • DePaul Student Center Apprentice

    MPT and the DePaul Student Center staff re-created an episode of "The Apprentice" to showcase Student Center staff members.