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Lab Hours

The hours listed below are for all the open student computing labs on our campuses.


Regular Hours

Schmitt Academic Center 235

Mon-Fri: 7:30a-10p

Sat: 8a-8p

Sun: 12p-10p

JTR Library Labs

See Library Hours


Arts and Letters Hall 111

Mon-Fri: 8a-10p

Sat-Sun: Closed

Brownstone’s Café (Student Center)

Open every day 7a-1a

McGowan North 255

Mon-Fri: 8a-10p

Sat-Sun: Closed

DePaul Center 11028 

Mon-Thurs: 8a-9p
Fri: 8a-5p

Sat-Sun: Closed

DePaul Center Library Labs
See Library Hours


O'Malley Place ​230 Mon-Fri: 7a-11p

Sat: 7:30a-7p

Sun: 10a-10p

O'Malley Place ​1350  Mon-Thurs: 8a-10p

Fri: 8a-6p

Sat: 10a-6p

Sun: Closed

Lewis Center ​513 (for Law students) See Library Hours


Daley 150 Mon-Fri: 7a-10p

Sat: 8a-6p

Sun: Closed

​Daley 1138 (for Communications students) Mon-Fri: 7a-10p

Sat: 8a-6p

Sun: Closed

*Hours are subject to change due to special events, exams, or holidays.