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SoftChalk Cloud is a web-based application which allows instructors to create, customize and personalize eLearning course content.  Mash up your own materials with rich media, interactive exercises, quizzes and text to create professional-looking, interactive content—without knowing any HTML or programming.  Spend your time developing course content, not learning how to use complex software. 

You have the option of distributing your SoftChalk Cloud courses to students either as a hyperlink or by integrating them into your D2L courses.  Because your content is stored in the "cloud," you have anytime anywhere access to your content and can manage, share, and track learning content in one place.  When content changes are needed, make your change once, and all your courses are simultaneously updated. 

Set Up Your SoftChalk Cloud Account

SoftChalk Cloud is available to DePaul faculty and staff.*  A .pdf with account setup instructions and the SoftChalk Cloud Activation Key is available to DePaul faculty and staff through the Webdrive. Log into the Webdrive at Navigate to W:\software\Faculty-Staff\Web\SoftChalk Cloud.

SoftChalk Help and Training

Teaching Commons

For assistance using SoftChalk, and other technology to enhance teaching and learning, contact Teaching Commons.

Getting Started

Cloud User Guide Online Support Center

Online Training Programs

Register for free one-hour online training webinars from SoftChalk's Short Course registration page. Training topics include SoftChalk Overview, SoftChalk Cloud, Using SoftChalk Cloud with Desire2Learn, Embedded Media, the SoftChalk Library, Quizzes, and SoftChalk ScoreCenter, and much more.

Video Tutorials

View pre-recorded training videos. Each video is only a few minutes long, so they provide a quick way to get up-to-speed on SoftChalk.

*SoftChalk Licensing Agreement

SoftChalk Cloud is available for DePaul faculty and staff use only. Use of DePaul’s SoftChalk license and activation key is subject to the SoftChalk Licensing Agreement, DePaul’s Acceptable Use/Network Security Policy, and DePaul’s Software Licensing Policy. As such, the use of SoftChalk products is expressly restricted to use in teaching, research, administration and other uses that support DePaul’s mission. The educational license prohibits all commercial uses of the program. By using the DePaul license and activation key, you agree that you are a DePaul faculty or staff member and that you will comply with this licensing agreement.