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i>Clicker Response System

i>clicker is a classroom response system, which can be used to involve students in class activities, assess student learning, or register votes in a departmental meeting. Using a hand-held remote or their own smart device, students can instantly answer questions, provide feedback, or cast their vote. Instructors have the ability to display results in real-time and record responses.

Overview of i>clicker
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i>clicker Technical Support

Base Stations

i>clicker base stations are installed in most DePaul classrooms. For questions about the locations of clicker base stations, contact the TSC Help Desk.


i>clicker software is not installed on classroom podium computers. Instructors should download the software and copy it to a flash drive. This flash drive will be used to carry all the files needed to poll, prepare, and view responses. It may be plugged directly into a base or into a computer connected to a base. If you bring your own laptop to class, you can choose save the files to your computer instead of using a USB drive.

Download latest version of i>clicker Instructor Software


Faculty and students must provide their own i>clicker remotes. Please contact the Lincoln Park or Loop bookstore for more information about purchasing i>clicker remotes.

Instructors can choose to register student’s remotes in class manually using a roll call, or they may ask students to register their remotes online. Students who buy a used remote will have to pay a one-time fee to register their register their remote on Student who purchase a new remote are able to register online at no charge.

One set of first generation i>clicker remotes is available on each the Lincoln Park and Loop campuses for single-use loans. Please submit your request through the Classroom Technology Request form. Please note that Information Services does not supply batteries with i>clicker loans. Each remote needs 3 AAA batteries. We recommend using Energizer batteries, as Duracell batteries tend to be incompatible with the first generation i>clicker remotes.

REEF Mobile Polling

REEF Polling is i>clicker's new mobile-optimized engagement system, which can be used either instead of or in conjunction with i>clicker's traditional base and clicker system.

​With REEF, instructors can easily pose multiple choice, numeric and short answer questions. Students can answer polling questions using the keyboard entry options on their smart devices, laptops or their i>clicker 2 remotes. Then, instructors view a chart indicating how many students responded to each answer choice. They can also view previous questions, compare questions, click a bar to select one or more correct answer, and send answers to student devices. Students can view a list of past sessions, allowing them to review all of the questions asked during the session as well as their answer, the correct answer (if provided), and the class results.

Please note that while the REEF Polling app is free to instructors, students must pay for a REEF subscription.

REEF Polling, i>clicker’s Mobile-Optimized System
Download REEF Polling Instructor Application