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U-Pass Requirements

Autumn, Winter and Spring Term Eligibility:

To be eligible for the CTA U-Pass during the Autumn, Winter or Spring terms, you must meet all three of the primary requirements. 

Requirement #1 - The Program Requirement

You meet the academic program requirements if you are enrolled in a degree-seeking program or a certificate of completion program at DePaul. 

Requirement #2 - The Credit Hour Requirement

You meet the credit hour requirements if: 

  • You are an undergraduate student in any college enrolled in 12 or more credit hours
  • You are a Law "JD Day" student enrolled in 12 or more credit hours
  • You are a Law student in any other program enrolled in 9 or more credit hours
  • You are a graduate student in any program enrolled in 8 or more credit hours (except music)
  • You are a Music graduate enrolled in 6 or more credit hours

Requirement #3 - The Course Location Requirement

You meet the course location requirements if at least one course is listed as: 

  • A regular lecture course in the Loop, Lincoln Park, O'Hare or Off-Campus location
  • Internship, Student Teaching, or Independent Study (where the "course location" is not listed as "online")

Students taking courses EXCLUSIVELY online, in suburban campuses (Except O'Hare), enrolled in non-degree programs or studying abroad are not eligible to receive a Ventra U-Pass. 

Students who register with DePaul's Center for Students with Disabilities can request to be removed from the Ventra U-Pass program with a Disability Waiver by contacting that office directly. 

Summer Term Eligibility: Students enrolled in at least ONE credit hour are eligible to participate in the Summer U-Pass program. Students taking classes online during the Summer Term will remain ineligible for the U-Pass. You may notice a U-Pass Fee applied to your tuition account shortly after registering for Summer courses. Please email for more information about Summer U-Pass. 

DePaul students who meet the requirements based on course registration will see a U-Pass Fee on their tuition account. Students are responsible for this fee regardless of benefit use or card pick-up. A U-Pass fee can be removed ONLY when a student's eligibility has changed on or before the last day to drop courses. 


Fee administration and removal is an automated process based on registration. The Ventra U-Pass is based on a CTA daily rate plus DePaul's administrative fee. 

Additional U-Pass Fare Information:

  • The fee is calculated using the CTA's daily rate plus DePaul's administrative fee; and may vary year to year depending on the number of available CTA service days. 
  • The CTA may institute future price increases annually through 2018, at their discretion. 
  • While the university administers the program, the daily rate fees collected from students are passed through to the CTA. DePaul does not profit financially from U-Pass. 
  • Under the current U-Pass, students have unlimited rides on CTA trains and buses, 24/7 during each academic term. 
  • Any student who will use the U-Pass for at least two round trip rides per week saves money.