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Box Update

On June 15 Box will be disabling the use of some older security protocols. Because of this change, some older browsers and Box applications need to be updated in order to continue to function. Please make sure that any web browser that you use to access Box is updated to the latest version. Box has also released updates to all of their desktop apps in order to support new secure protocols. These applications include Box Tools, Box Sync, Box for Office and Box Drive. If you are using any of these applications, please make sure to update them to the latest version. Please note that some of these updates may also require an update to Microsoft .NET Framework to version 4.5.2 or higher. If the updates are not done before June 15, 2018 your connection to Box may be interrupted.

DePaul Information Services has partnered with to provide unlimited cloud file storage and collaboration services for all DePaul students, as well as auxiliary file storage to the ‘U and W’ network drives for DePaul Employees.   DePaul students may find student specific content and directions related to Box here.  

Box provides services to DePaul that will help to: 

  • more easily share data (particularly large files) with students, other departments, and people outside DePaul; 
  • allow teams to collaboratively edit documents and track changes; 
  • address continued increases in enterprise network storage costs; 
  • access the Box collaboration and cloud storage  from computers as well as their mobile devices, from anywhere, at any time.  

What is Box? 

Box is more than just a data storage service.  Box is also a collaboration platform, allowing everyone the ability to: 
  • Co-author and simultaneously edit documents and spreadsheets with a team, with full version control
  • Preview online documents without having to download them
  • Share files and folders with anyone you need, without the need for IS support 
  • Set up teams to collaborate, assigning due dates and tasks to team members
  • Share large files with anyone (even outside of DePaul) without using email attachments
  • Backup files from your desktop automatically with Box Sync

What type of DePaul data can I store on box?

Access to and Responsible Use of Data Policy governs where and how DePaul data should be managed.  For an overview of some examples of data and where they should be stored, see the sample list below.  Additional guidance for any data not covered here can be found in the policy.    

Description Data Type** Box U/W Cloud Services*
​Other bank or financial account numbers Highly Sensitive Data No No No
​Credit/Debit Card Number Highly Sensitive Data No No No
Drivers license numbers and other government identification card numbers Highly Sensitive Data No Yes No
​Passwords, pins and similar data that permit access to financial accounts or other personal data Highly Sensitive Data No No No
Social Security Number​ Highly Sensitive Data No Yes No
Class Information Internal Non-Restricted Data Yes Yes No
Employee names, telephone numbersand email addresses Internal Non-Restricted Data Yes Yes No
Employee job titles and dates of employment Internal Non-Restricted Data Yes Yes No
FERPA covered data Internal Restricted Data Yes Yes No
Student Financial Aid Data Internal Restricted Data No Yes No
HIPAA covered data Internal Restricted Data No Yes No
Employee pay rates or other confidential payroll data Internal Restricted Data Yes Yes No
​Research data that does not contain subject identifiable data Internal Restricted Data Yes Yes No
Data posted on University bulletins and data on unrestricted University web sites Public Yes Yes Yes
*Cloud Storage Service Providers such as Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive, Apple iCloud, AWS, Personal Box Account, Carbonite, etc. 

How do I get access to Box?

Box accounts are set up automatically for DePaul employees and students.  Box is a very powerful platform, but it needs to be used responsibly in order to keep DePaul's data safe.  At a minimum, review and follow the critical tips and best practices provided on the Getting Started page before you start using Box.  To access your Box account, login with your Campus Connect account at the link here: Box Login

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