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Getting Started With Box

Critical Tips

Box is different from most other file storage and cloud services, so please keep the following in mind: 
  • Be aware of the restrictions on what types of data that DePaul employees are allowed to store in Box
  • Files and Folders are attached to People, not to a location. Therefore, when that person is no longer with DePaul, those files are no longer available.
  • When you are collaborating with anyone, you should use their email address to look them up.  Users may update their display name to a name of their choosing, but their DePaul email is not changeable (and therefore a better identifier for that person).  
  • If a collaborator is granted Editor permissions, they will be allowed to add additional collaborators. DePaul strongly recommends you invite editing collaborators with Viewer Uploader permissions, unless you need them to invite others on your behalf.
  • There are many different options available for controlling access to your shared Box data​.  Please be aware of these different options as well as the default settings.  
  • When collaborating, folders need to be descriptively named. Using generic folder names (i.e. My Pictures) will cause confusion.
  • If you granted access to something, you have to remove that access when it is no longer needed.
  • When sharing/collaborating, you should make use of the individual's DePaul email account to ensure they can see and access the data you are sharing.  Keep in mind that DePaul students are provided with an Office 365 email account so you should use their address to collaborate with them (even if they do not use their Office 365 mail account).  
  • Storage space is unlimited, and you may store your personal data there, but keep in mind DePaul maintains administrative access to all data stored in Box.  

Best Practices

  •  Keep organized, and use a folder hierarchy.  For example: 
    • Personal Data
    • Collaboration Folders
    • Non-Shared Work Items
  • When you leave the institution, you leave your Box account behind. Be sure to remove your personal files from Box before that happens.  Also remember to transfer ownership of any Shared/Collaborated files to your colleagues, or they will lose access. 
  • Box Drive is a new tool for easy access to Box content from your Windows or Mac Computer.   Please see the FAQ​ page for more information.
  • Box Sync is recommended for offline access of files only.  Please see the FAQ​ for more information.
  • If you use Box Sync, keep an eye on your local HDD space.  Only sync the data you need to.  DePaul employees should only sync DePaul data to their DePaul computers, not to their personal computers.    
  • The default view of "All Files" can get cluttered very quickly; use the favorites capability to "declutter" your view of Box
  • Versioning and the Trash bin are available if you need to recover anything
  • It's good practice to time-limit links and sharing (have an expiration)

Training and How-Tos

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