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Controlling Access to Your Data in Box

Sharing Box Content 

Box provides two different methods of sharing your content, either Collaborating or Shared Links.  Collaborators must have a Box account, while those you share files with do not.  Depending on the access permissions you grant, Collaborators may update or re-share files you collaborate with them on.  Those you share files with may only preview or download files.  Box provides a detailed overview of this topic which you can access here.   

Default Settings and Folders

There are many options in how you can control your shared data within Box, as well as default settings and behaviors that you should be aware of before you share data from Box.  First, be aware that the settings governing default access to files or folders will cascade down, so that those permission settings at a top folder are applied to files and folders underneath it. You may adjust these permissions by changing at the top folder level, or at any level below that, as well as when you are inviting collaborators or sharing links.  Additionally, you should be aware of what the default settings are, based on the method of sharing and who you are sharing with.  

Type of Sharing ​Default Expiration
Maximum Extension Period
Collaborating with DePaul Users N/A N/A
Collaborating with External Users 60 Days 60 Days
Sharing Links 14 Days Unlimited


Collaborating with other Box users is a powerful method of sharing information with users inside and outside of DePaul.  If you will be collaborating on multiple files with the same group of people, you have the option of creating a collaboration folder to easily organize your files while also managing collaborator permissions.  You may find instructions on creating folders and enabling collaboration here.   You should also be aware of the different access levels that can be granted for Collaborators and how these permission levels affect their ability to access and make changes to your Box content.  
Box Collaborator Permissions

Note: If a collaborator is granted Editor permissions, they will be allowed to add additional collaborators. DePaul strongly recommends you invite other collaborators with Viewer Uploader permissions, unless you need them to invite others on your behalf.

If you have invited an external collaborator their access will expire after 60 days.  If you wish to extend that access ​find the folder/file the collaborator has access to and click on it. Next find the collaborators names you wish to extend and click on the clock icon.  Click the Extend Access link to give the collaborator another 60 days from today.​ 


Shared Links

Shared links provide an easy way to grant access to your files and folders with users outside the DePaul community.  When you create a shared link in order to share files or folders, by default, you may only share with collaborators that already have access to the folder.  To over-write this when creating a shared-link, click on the drop-down link located directly underneath the Shared Link, and change as needed. 
Box Shared Link Set Access

Shared Links are also time-limited.  By default, a shared link expires after 14 days.  You may override this by clicking on the small gear icon in the upper-right portion of the screen above the 'Copy' button.  You will then be able to override the default expiration and set it for up to 365 days.  

Box Shared Link Set Expiration

You may find additional information on generating shared links and customizing permissions here.