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Box - Frequently Asked Questions

All current Faculty, Staff and Students are eligible.
Click on this link and login with you Campus Connect credentials.
DePaul's Box enterprise account has unlimited storage.
Box is offered as an additional service option for DePaul employees to choose from.  IS encourages each employee to choose the storage options which best meet their personal needs, departmental needs, and respect DePaul policies concerning the handling of sensitive data.  Evaluation of service usage and needs will be performed on an ongoing basis and will inform whether to change any of the service options in the future.  In an effort to contain costs, please make reasonable efforts not to waste space on the U and W drives.

You may store personal data or DePaul data.  Regarding DePaul data that DePaul employees may store on Box, DePaul's  Access to and Responsible Use of Data Policy governs where and how DePaul data should be managed.  For an overview of types of data and where they should be stored, please refer to the chart on the Box page.  If you have any questions, contact   

The best method for uploading your data to Box can depend on the size and volumes of files you are loading to Box.  Currently there is a limit of 15GB for a single file upload to Box.  There are also some limitations regarding the length of file and folder names, as well as certain special characters which should not be used.  Box provides some guidance here as to these limitations, as well as the best upload method to choose depending on how much data you are trying to upload.  Please be aware that DePaul does not allow users access to Box via FTP, and if you are uploading files in your web browser, take care not to navigate away from the folder page your uploading to, or your upload may be interrupted.  Also, please note that Box sync does not work on network mounted folders.  

We are aware that some uploads have failed instances when uploading large files or large number of files.   Information Services is currently working with the vendor on a solution to this issue and hope to have it resolved quickly.  If you currently experience failures please try your upload again.
Collaborators must have a Box account, while those you share files with do not.  Depending on the access permissions you grant, Collaborators may update or re-share files you collaborate with them on.  Those you share files with may only preview or download files.  Box provides a detailed overview of this topic which you can access here

There is no existing report that can be generated to see which files failed to upload.  The only way to know if your file uploads were successful is to compare your uploaded files in to your original files.  If you do find any files that did not get loaded to Box, you cannot re-start your previous upload, so you should re-try uploadding any missing files.   
Information Services recommends using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox with Box.  Some other browsers (such as IE, Edge, Safari, etc.)  are known to not function correctly with certain actions (for example dragging folders when copying data to Box).    
Box Sync is a tool that allows you to download content on to your machine for offline access.  If you are going to be traveling or in an area with low connectivity then you can save content to your local hard drive to work on until you have access to the full web experience again.  Box Sync is not a recommended method for uploading data to Box that is best done using the web browser.
Box Drive is a new tool from Box that allows you to interact with your files that are stored in Box as if they were on your desktop.  You will see all of the content that is in your All Files page on You can navigate through any folder and open every file you see just as if it were a regular local file.  Box drive does not currently allow offline access to your files.
Box Sync and Box Drive are two separate desktop applications that give users the ability to access Box content from the user's desktop environment. Box Drive will eventually replicate most of Box Sync's functionality, but for now there are a few differences between the applications that may make one more suited to your needs than the other.

Box Drive
Box Drive brings your entire Box folder tree to your desktop. All the files you have access to on Box will be accessible from your desktop Box folder. However, Box Drive does not currently support marking files for offline access. This feature may be available in future versions of Box Drive, but until then, if you need to access certain files while disconnected from the internet, we recommend using Box Sync. 

Box Sync
Box Sync allows you to choose specific files and folders to sync between Box and your desktop. You need to select which files you'd like to sync, and those files will be available from any desktop where you have installed and logged into Box Sync. With Box Sync, your synced files are available for offline access. The files are stored on your local machine, so you will be able to open and edit them without being connected to the internet (your changes will be synced to Box the next time you connect).

For more information you can visit the Box website.

Permissions description for Box collaboration

Note: If a collaborator is granted Editor permissions, they will be allowed to add additional collaborators. DePaul strongly recommends you invite other collaborators with Viewer Uploader permissions, unless you need them to invite others on your behalf.

No.  Having both Box Drive and Box Sync installed on a machine is not supported.  There are known issues that will occur if both products are installed.
Box has detailed steps on their website to ensure a smooth transition from Box Sync to Box Drive.
No, you can share files with anyone inside or outside of DePaul University, just type in their full email address.
External collaborators are allowed to have a maximum of 60 days of access to folders/files.  If you want to extend an external collaborators access do the following:
  • Find the folder/file the collaborator has access to and click on it.
  • Find the collaborators name in the list of collaborators and click on the clock icon
  • Click on the Extend Access link to give the collaborator another 60 days 
When someone collaborates or shares with something with you in Box, they need to share it with an email that is tied to your Box account.  Ask them to share it with your DePaul email (either your or your email). 
Depending on the type, and possibly even the version of the document, you may have different optoins available to edit it.   One option that is available for DePaul users is the online version of Office integrated into Box.  The online version of the Office apps only work with xlsx, .pptx, and .docx files; if you are opening .xls, .ppt or .doc files, you'll only see the option for the Desktop Office program.  This option lets you create and edit Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel files directly in Box, edit them using the Office Online web applications, and save them directly back to Box without downloading the file locally or adding additional programs or applications. In addition, Office Online integration supports concurrent editing, so you and others can collaborate on documents in real-time.  

Another option is to use BoxEdit,  Box Edit is a standalone app you must download and install on your computer, and it supports editing of any dcoument type you can open on your computer, such as Microsoft Office files, text files,  etc.  BoxEdit does not allow simultaneous collaborative editing, but will generate a new version of the file each time someone opens and saves it with BoxEdit.  Additional details on BoxEdit can be found here.  

One other option is to download a document from Box, make changes to it locally, and then load it back into Box.  This method of updating files is good for offline editing, but may cause problems when collaborating on files, so it is not always recommended for collaboration.  
D2L is the system of record at DePaul for sharing any course-related data or information with students.  Box does not currently have any integration with D2L.  Please do not share course content with your students via Box, and do not have students share any data related to a course using Box (e.g. assignments, homework, reading materials, course videos, etc.).  For situations where limitations in D2L are causing problems, please reach out to the Center for Teaching and Learning to discuss possible solutions.  
Box has a very helpful article about deleted files and how to restore located here.
Files are retained in the trash for 90 days.
Yes, Box has mobile apps for iOS and Android that can be downloaded from the App or Google Play stores.

When logging in make sure to choose the "Use Single Sign On (SSO) option.

DePaul Students 

DePaul students will receive an email at the time they are no longer an active student (either upon graduation or leaving DePaul), informing them that they have 60 days before they lose access to their data.   After those 60 days have passed, former students will no longer have access to their data, so we strongly encourage everyone to take the opportunity to save any data they would like to keep in another location.  

DePaul Employees

DePaul employees will lose access to their Box data once their employment ends, unless they are continuing as an active student, in which case they will retain their access.  If you are a DePaul employee, please take all steps to take care of your data in Box before you leave.   Save any personal data to another location, or you will lose access to it once you leave.  You should also work with your manager or other peers as needed to transfer ownership of any DePaul related data by making someone else the co-owner of that data.  If you make someone else the co-owner of data in Box, when you leave, they will take over ownership of it. 

You can find instructions for moving data from your DePaul Box Account  to a personal Box Account here.  
You can visit this page to view the status of Box.  While there you can also subscribe for updates to let you know if there are any issues. 
If you still have additional questions, a great source of information is the Box Community, where you can search for more details and information.  You may also contact the TSC if you have questions or need assistance.