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Employee Email Resource Accounts

You can request an email resource account if you need an e-mail address for a team or project. A resource account functions like a regular employee e-mail account for sending and receiving email.

Please take note of the following information regarding resource accounts:

  • Resource accounts must be owned by a DePaul staff or faculty member.
  • The owner/requestor has full rights to the account and is able to give other users delegate permission to access the resource account.
  • "Send as" rights allow and delegate user to view or respond to email under the resource account's name. If a user requires "send as" rights, the owner must request these privileges from Network Administration. To request "send as" rights, send an email to netadmin ( with the users you would like added (please include their email/accountID in the request).

To request an email resource account, complete the Email Resource Request form.

This guide provides instructions on how to access and manage a resource account.​​​