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  • Distribution Lists

    An employee e-mail distribution list is helpful when sending e-mails to a group of DePaul emails (department or team members). The lists may be as large or small as you need.​  This page contains instructions for requesting a new distribution list.
  • Long E-mail Addresses

    ​DePaul provides an option for faculty and staff to select a different email address for use instead of the default address.  This page includes information and instructions on selecting a new primary email address.
  • Resource Accounts

    E-mail resource accounts can be setup for use for a department, team, or project. A resource account functions like a regular employee e-mail account for sending and receiving e-mail.​ They can be accessed by their faculty or staff account owner as well as any number of account delegates.  This page includes instructions for account owners and delegates on requesting and accessing a resource account.
  • Update Directory Info & Photo

    As a DePaul faculty, staff or student employee, you can make changes to the information that shows up you in the Outlook Address book, including your title, department, office location, and phone number.  You can also change the photo that is displayed in the DePaul HR system, Outlook and Skype for Business.