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​​​​Account Creation, Changes and Deletion

Information Services maintains the email system for the university. Email accounts are created and provided for all DePaul employees.

Distribution Lists

An employee email distribution list is helpful when sending emails to a group of DePaul emails (department or team members). The lists may be as large or small as you need.

Long Email Addresses

A long email address allows DePaul faculty and staff to customize the appearance of their email address ( Please note that this does not change your username, which should still be used for logging into DePaul systems. If you have any questions, please contact the Help Desk. You can also call 312-362-8765 or email

Resource Accounts

A resource account is an "@depaul" email address for a specific team, project, department, etc.  For example, is a resource account to the Benefits team in HR.  You can request an email resource account if you need an e-mail address for a team or project. A resource account functions like a regular employee e-mail account for sending and receiving email.

Update Directory Info & Photo

As a DePaul faculty, staff or student employee, you can make changes to the information that shows up you in the Outlook Address book, including your title, department, office location, and phone number.  You can also change the photo that is displayed in the DePaul HR system, Microsoft Outlook and Teams. You have the option to display your DePaul ID photo, a custom photo, or no photo.