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Spam Control

DePaul University makes use of the Google Apps message security service on all mail traffic entering and exiting the University. This service provides University faculty and staff with e-mail protection against spam and viruses so that malicious messages will not reach any user’s inbox. Spam messages will be quarantined and held for review for 30 days in the Message Center.

A daily e-mail message, called the “Quarantine Summary,” will arrive in a user’s inbox when e-mail communications have been blocked from reaching their mailbox. From the “Quarantine Summary,” a user can choose to deliver quarantined e-mails to their inbox if so desired.

University users that wish to add approved senders to a whitelist may do so by logging into the Message Center at using their primary DePaul email address. Once this is entered into the box that says 'Enter your email' on the Google Account login page, click the 'Next' button. This will direct the user to a DePaul login server, where you should enter your Campus Connection credentials. After successfully authenticating, users will be transported back onto the Google Message Center.

Before accessing the Message Center, please log out of any Google services (e.g. Gmail, Google+, Docs, etc.) that you are using. If you do not, you may receive an error message stating that your account "has not been configured to use a non-Gmail mailbox."

While logged into the Message Center, a user can read quarantined e-mails, deliver them to their inbox, and/or delete them. All e-mails not delivered to a user’s inbox are permanently deleted 30 days from the date of receipt. Using the Message Center, users may also add e-mail addresses to the “Approved Senders List” so as to avoid the quarantine of messages from trusted senders.

Resource accounts use the same filtering settings as their owner’s account, and quarantined messages for a resource account can be viewed in the resource account owner's Quarantine Summary e-mail and Message Center. Please contact the Technology Support Center for additional assistance in regards to configuring resource accounts in Google Apps.​​