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Why am I no longer receiving Spam Quarantine email notices?

On​  August 26, 2019 Information Services switched spam filtering providers from Google to Microsoft.  As part of the switch the spam quarantine notices are no longer sent.

Why do I see multiple Junk E-Mail folders in my folder list?

There are multple way for folders to be created in your mailbox, so it is possible for some users to have multiple Junk E-Mail folders.  Users that want to can remove any folders they do not want by right clicking the folder and selecting Delete Folder. 

**Note: The Junk Email folder that is created by the system cannot be removed and the option to delete it will be greyed out.

Why are Junk Email Preferences greyed out my Mac Outlook Client?

Email accounts in the Mac Outlook Client that are hosted Exchange (which is DePaul's email system) do not have access to the Junk Mail Preferences. To add or remove remove safe or blocked senders you must use Outlook on the Web (OWA).

What determines if an email gets delivered?

The ​Microsoft service analyzes every incoming email based on various attributes and details, including the reputation of the sender, the email content, presence of malware, phishing likelihood, and more to assign a score that indicates the likelihood that this email is spam or malware.  Any email with malware or is part of a phishing campaign is auto-deleted.  All other emails are assigned a score based on the likelihood that the email is spam.  DePaul administrators periodically review and adjust the filter settings to best manage the balance between which emails get delivered (even junk email) vs. which are discarded.