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iOS Encryption

​iOS devices automatically enable device encryption when a passcode is set.  For these devices, no separate encryption setup is needed.

Changing the Device Passcode
Passcode complexity requirements will force passcodes to be reset if they do not meet minimum security settings.  The requirements are as follows:
  • Passcodes must be a minimum of 4 characters.
  • Passcodes cannot be the same character repeated (i.e. '1111' or '2222')
  • Passcodes cannot contain sequential patterns (i.e. '1234' or '6789')
To reset passcodes that do not meet these requirements, follow these steps:
  • Go to 'Settings'
  • Go to 'Touch ID & Passcode'
    • On devices without Touch ID, go to 'Passcode'
  • Go to 'Change Passcode'
  • Key in your new passcod​e.