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Android E-Mail Setup (for Employees)

NOTE: Before following the instructions below, you will need to perform a one-time ActiveSync activation by visiting Once you have performed this activation, return to this page to complete the e-mail setup on your device.

NOTE: Information Services requires that all devices using ActiveSync to receive e-mail are encrypted, and have a complex PIN/Password. Please visit the Mobile Device Encryption page for more information on how to enable these settings.

NOTE: Many Android devices have different operating systems and interfaces, depending on the manufacturer and model. Your device interface may not look like the screenshots below, but it should be somewhat similar. If you have any difficulty, please contact the Technology Support Center for assistance.

1) Navigate to the Settings application. On most Android devices, this can be accessed either by pressing the Menu key while on the home screen or by finding the Settings icon in the applications list.

2) Locate the "Accounts and sync" item.

3) Press "Add account."

4) Choose "Corporate" (may be labeled "Exchange" or "ActiveSync" depending on phone model and OS version).

5) Enter your e-mail address in the format and your Campus Connection password.

6) You may be prompted to enter more settings to complete the setup of your e-mail account. If so, enter them as follows:

  • Username: DPU\username (where "username" is your Campus Connection username)
  • Password: your Campus Connection password
  • Server:
  • Check the "Use secure connection (SSL)" checkbox

7) You may be prompted to accept security policies and create a PIN code to lock your phone (if you do not already have one).‚Äč