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Windows 10 Known Issues

​Information Services is aware of the following known issues affecting currently used/supported systems on DePaul computers running Windows 10. 


WebNow users cannot use the new Edge browser within Windows 10, but WebNow works as expected on Windows 10 in IE11 and Firefox.  


Windows 10 is not recommended for use with ImageNow.  The ImageNow client works within Windows 10 for viewing of files, however there is currently an issue with the ImageNow Printer function. An updated driver which works for Windows 10 will be available for use once ImageNow is updated later this summer.

If you do want to use Windows 10, you should be able to use the following workaround:  Instead of scanning or printing directly into ImageNow, you can scan or save documents into a local folder on your computer in an ImageNow compatible format (tiff, pdf, docx, etc.)  You may then import those files directly with the ImageNow client.  This import needs to be setup as a "capture profile" in the ImageNow client software.  If you have further questions or need help with this setup, please contact