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Options for Sending E-Faxes

You have two options for sending documents via E-Fax. You can scan the document into digital format and send it via your email account, or if you already have your document in digital format you can simply attach it to an email and send without ever leaving your desk. The steps for each of these options are outlined below.

Sending Paper Documents

Paper documents need to be converted to a digital format before they can be sent via E-Fax.

  1. You can convert paper document to digital format with a desktop scanner (see IS recommendations for scanners here) and then send it as an attachment through your email client (process described above in section III)
  2. If you have a scanner that has the ability to email, then you can scan and fax your paper documents simultaneously by utilizing the destination fax number and address. Remember to include your email address in the ‘From:’ field so you will receive the confirmation email.
  3. You may find a list of scanners that IS recommends here. If you need assistance selecting a desktop or network scanner, please contact the Help Desk at 312-362-8765 (5-HELP) or to schedule a consultation with the DePaul Networks team.

Sending Electronic Documents

Follow these instructions to fax an electronic document via email:
  1. Create a new email
    In the “To” field, enter the fax number that you wish to send the fax to. Complete the address by appending to it. Example:
  2. Attach the document(s) you wish to fax to the email. Documents can currently be sent in the following formats:
    1. PDF
    2. TIFF
    3. Word document
    4. Excel document
    5. Other document types can be added by request, please contact the Help Desk at 312-362-8765 (5-HELP) or
  3. If you enter text in the “subject” field and/or enter text in the body of the email, a cover sheet will be automatically attached to the fax you are sending (note: the design of this cover sheet is selected by your department)