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Receiving E-Faxes

​There are several options available for receiving faxes through the E-Fax system.

  1. Email
    1. Option 1- You can receive a fax as a PDF or TIFF through a departmental email resource.  For example, if currently incoming faxes are managed (received and distributed) by the front desk staff then:
      1. A departmental email resource will be setup (for e.g.* for that fax number
      2. The front desk staff (or additional users) will be given access to this email resource
      3. All faxes that are sent to that fax number will be setup to go to the inbox of this departmental email resource and therefore the front desk would receive the incoming faxes
      4. The front desk staff would distribute the received emails by forwarding them to the appropriate recipients *See FAQ for details on how to create a departmental email resource
    2. Option 2- You can receive a fax as a PDF or TIFF through an individual email resource. An individual’s email address can have a unique fax number associated with it, and all faxes received at that number would be directed to the individual’s email inbox.
  2. Network share- Faxes for a department can be setup to save directly to a shared folder on the W:\ drive. Users with access to the network shared folder can then manage the incoming faxes by monitoring the contents of the folder.  For details about the network folders and how to request access, please go here​
  3. Printer- Faxes for a department can be setup to be printed directly to a network printer on receipt