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Getting Started with E-Fax

There are a few steps you'll need to go through in order to get up and running with E-Fax.  As you go through the process of getting E-Fax running, it would be helpful to identify a single representative from your department to work with IS for the purpose of migrating department faxes via the steps described below.  

  1. Order a recommended scanner for E-Fax use if your department doesn't already own one.
  2. Decide how your department will manage the sending and receiving of faxes once you have converted to the E-Fax system.  You can review the options here for receiving and sending faxes. 
  3. Decide which options best meet your department’s needs. How would you like to receive faxes? How would you prefer to send faxes? Consider details like what printers, resource accounts, and individuals need to be a part of your E-Fax environment.  If this is overwhelming and you need some help deciding which options are the right ones for you, please contact the Help Desk at  312-362-8765 (5-HELP) or to schedule a consultation with the DePaul Networks team.  
  4. Select the cover sheet you would like to use for your department. This cover sheet will appear on the faxes your department sends. Your department’s official logo will be placed on the cover sheet.  The attached document available here shows the different cover sheets options that are available. EFax_Fax_cover_sheets.pdf
  5. Complete the Departmental Migration form: This form includes information such as billing code, department details, and most importantly all the people in your department who should have the ability to send faxes from their email. You can access the migration request form here.  
  6. Setting up the system: Information Services sets up your E-Fax system
  7. Testing phase: We will need your help to make sure everything is working as you expect it to.
  8. Activate new system and remove old, unused components.