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BlueKey MFA

What is BlueKey multi-factor authentication (MFA)?

Multi-factor authentication adds another layer of authentication in addition to your password. For most DePaul students, faculty, and staff you can set up MFA through the Microsoft Authenticator app on your mobile phone.

How do I set up BlueKey MFA?

  1. Navigate on your laptop or desktop web browser to
  2. Login using BlueKey login credentials ( and password). Follow the steps in the web browser.
  3. Download the Microsoft Authenticator app.

Important Note: Once you have set up MFA, go to the “Security Info” tab on the BlueKey multi-factor site ( on your computer. For best results, please have your “default sign-in method” set to “Microsoft Authenticator - notification”. If you don’t have a mobile phone or the ability to download apps, it is recommended to set your default sign-in method to “Phone – call”.

Helpful Links

My BlueKey account:

  • On this page you can: Change password, review settings, view sign-ins and devices, etc.

Check BlueKey multi-factor authentication settings:

  • On this page you can: Add or remove sign-in methods. Change default sign-in method. Sign out of all devices (in case of lost device).

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