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Using DUO with the VPN

​First Time Setup:

To get started, please refer to the section titled "Setup Your Device" and follow the link.  Once you have enrolled your phone, you need to follow the instructions below on how to configure your VPN client to use two factor authentication.  If you need assistance, start by following the PDF that is located under each section. 

1. Setup Your Device:

This section is for users who need to setup their devices for the first-time.  Download the PDF for step-by-step instructions.  Start by following the link below.

2. Configure your VPN to use two factor authentication: 

Pulse Secure VPN​​:  Download the PDF​ for step-by-step instructions.  You will need to have the Pulse Secure VPN installed on your machine.  Installation instructions can be found here.

Manage/Add Devices:

This section is for users who need to manage or add new devices.  Please follow the instructions in the PDF. To get started follow the link below.