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Using DUO with RDP

You can protect your computer when using RDP with DUO two-factor.  

To implement, download the installation file.  The file can be found at:

W:\software\Faculty-Staff\Windows\Duo Remote Desktop\DPU-DUO-RDP.exe

All faculty and staff have access to this file.

Double click on the file.  It will install a small program that will require you to use DUO two-factor when logging into your computer using RDP.  If you login directly to the computer, DUO is not required.


To use DUO with RDP, connect and login to your computer as you normally do.  After you put in your password, you will see the DUO Security Screen.  If you are setup to use DUO Push, you will receive a notification on your phone.  If you use your desk phone, click on "Call Me" and you will receive a call.