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Using DUO with Campus Connect

As part of our ongoing efforts to continually strengthen controls surrounding private data, Information Services is implementing two factor authentication technology to several sensitive self-service pages within Campus Connect. 

Currently, there are seven pages in Campus Connect that have access to sensitive information, and currently ask for the last four digits of your SSN in order to validate your identity and allow you to proceed. We will be changing the request for this number on each of these pages with the requirement to use DUO,  our two- factor authentication technology.

In the coming week we will be implementing DUO two-factor authentication to the below Campus Connect pages on the following dates:

​Campus Connect Page Date​
​Direct Deposit May 11th
Faculty/Staff Gift Deduction​ May 11th
Employee Reimbursement May 11th​
W-2/W-2c Consent
May 15th​
View W2/W-2c Forms ​May 15th
W-4 Tax Information​ ​May 15th
​IL W-4 Tax Information May 15th​
If you need to access these pages after the date listed above you will be required to setup DUO two-factor authentication.  You will be prompted to complete the DUO registration, prior to accessing the requested page. 

To learn more about setting up DUO two-factor authentication with Campus Connect please click here.

If you have configured DUO for use with the VPN, you do not need to do anything new to prepare for this change.  When you access the pages listed above, before continuing to the Campus Connect page you will be prompted to verify your identity using DUO, utilizing the method that you have already configured.