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Full Disk Encryption - Full Disk Encryption refers to technology that can protect a volume of data by applying encryption, such that the entire contents of the disk is automatically encrypted/decrypted.  All DePaul owned and imaged Windows computers are encrypted with Bitlocker.  For more information on Bitlocker, please see the link below.

  • Microsoft Bitlocker -
File Encryption- File encryption can be used to encrypt single files.  There are several options available. 
  • Microsoft Office Encryption - You can use the builtin encryption capabilities of Microsoft Office products to encrypt individual documents. To access this feature in Word or Excel, go to File -> Info -> Protect Document -> Encrypt with Password
  • 7-Zip - This popular, free compression software allows you to encrypt any file as you compress it.
  • AxCrypt - Axcrypt integrates with Windows to compress, encrypt, decrypt, store send and work with individual files. 
    • GnuPG - GnuPG allows you to encrypt and sign your data and communications.  There is a Mac and Windows version.
    • If you use these products, be sure and store your password or software key somewhere safe.