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Required Upgrade for some DePaul-owned, Windows-based Computers

Microsoft is requiring a mandatory upgrade to be installed on some DePaul-owned, Windows-based computers currently running a version of Windows 10 that is either no longer supported or soon to be unsupported.

Please backup your data from the computer and schedule the upgrade during non-working hours before the deadline.

These computers include many DePaul-owned devices that may be used by faculty or staff members in various DePaul offices, departments, or schools. Please note these upgrades should only be performed by the administrator of the workstation.

How do I know if the computer I use needs the Windows upgrade?

You will see this message when logging in:

Windows 10 upgrade pop up image

What should I do?

  1. Backup all data before upgrading the computer: While the upgrade itself will not destroy data on your computer, in rare cases, computer hardware can fail during an operation such as an OS upgrade, it is highly recommended user back up their important data.
  2. Click the “Schedule” button to upgrade for non-work hours as soon as possible (before the deadline):
schedule button

Don’t Wait to Upgrade Windows

Windows is requiring this operating system upgrade. Users can either schedule it (highly recommended) or wait until the deadline and the computer will automatically upgrade at the deadline. If you ignore this message, don’t schedule, and wait for the automatic upgrade, the computer may take up to a few hours to update and will likely occur during work hours and you will not be able to use your computer during the upgrade.

More Information and Future Updates?