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Wifi - We Heard You

Wifi News

Information Services conducted a survey of students to gather feedback regarding their wireless experiences at DePaul.  An email was sent to all enrolled students in May 2015, a brief summary report and full results can be found here

After receiving this feedback from our Students we are switching focus to wireless coverage and quality to offer the kind of service that is expected of the wireless network. Some of the resulting changes implemented based on the feedback we received are listed here:
  1. Radio Tuning - Information Services has adopted a best practices approach to wireless radio management to ensure that the user of the network has a strong signal with excellent speeds when in range of a wireless access point on campus.
  2. High Capacity Access Points - We have replaced access points in many locations that were considered problematic by the survey respondents with high user density access points. This will allow more users to be connected to a single access point without a compromise in the quality of connection for the users.
  3. Wireless Management - After some internal auditing of our systems we came to the conclusion that there were ways in which we could better manage the wireless network. As a result we installed and setup a wireless management system that will allow us to proactively resolve issues and respond to problems more quickly. Sometimes before the impact is even felt by our users.
  4. It can still be better - We are actively collecting data from the above changes and working towards a design for the future wireless network. Information Systems hopes to assemble a comprehensive plan that will meet all current and future needs of our wireless users. 
For more information on these changes and others please visit the wireless home page