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See all of the benefits of eduroam

The WiFi service at DePaul and over 10,000 other hotspots

Get started by visiting, or begin by connecting to the "depaul" WiFi network on campus. Please follow the verification steps to connect. Once you're connected to the DePaul eduroam network, you can securely connect to over 10,000 free hotspots.

Read the information below from the eduroam website:

Where can I use eduroam?

Whether you're moving across the Lincoln Park or Loop Campus, or spending time studying or working at another research and education institution, eduroam gives you seamless internet connectivity.

More than 10,000 eduroam hotspots are available at universities, research centers, academies, many schools, and other research and education institutions in more than 100 territories around the world. As eduroam grows, more and more hotspots are appearing in additional places such as libraries, museums and public spaces such as railway stations and coffee shops.

Wherever you see 'eduroam' appear in your list of Wi-Fi networks, you can get online.
See the interactive map.

How does it work?

With eduroam installed on your laptop, mobile phone or other device there's no need to request special accounts or borrow other people's IDs - just activate your device and you should be online.

Once you have registered and logged in with your BlueKey login credentials, eduroam's secure and privacy-preserving technology means that there is no need to continually enter usernames and passwords through insecure web browser forms. Your device will identify a valid eduroam access point and log-in automatically. Your password is never shared with any of the access points.

Get Started

Visit the or connect to the "depaul" WiFi network on campus. Follow the steps and input your BlueKey login credentials ( email address and password) to authenticate your identity and connect to the network.

What Does it Cost?

Thanks to global agreement, the eduroam WiFi roaming service is free-of-charge to users.