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On The Horizon

Information Services is continually working on projects to expand our service offerings. We know that our customers work in different ways and need technology that will work for them. Listed here are some of the upcoming services that we are working on.

Student Affairs Division requests a solution that will automatically create DeHUB user profiles for new students as they enroll and also change the classification of profiles to “Alumni” once students graduate.

Information Services is excited to announce that Windows 10 and Office 2016 are coming to DePaul lab and classroom computers for the Autumn 2017 quarter. A modern operating system will greatly enhance DePaul's possibilities to provide new and exciting technologies to our learning environment.
The Genius Squad will be expanding their services to DePaul Faculty and Staff. The Genius Squad is a walk-up support area located in the Richardson Library and the DePaul Center which has been providing support to all DePaul students for almost 10 years. IS is always looking for new ways to expand our support offerings, and after some research and investigation, it was decided that expanding the profile of the Genius Squad is the next move to make. We're excited to be able to offer this new avenue of technology support to all DePaul faculty and staff starting early 2018. Keep an eye on the IS website for updated news and information.
DePaul's email system will receive an upgrade to the latest version which will improve performance and usability, especially for browser-based and mobile access
Soon DePaul employees will be able to update their photo and preferred name in Active Directory.  Also, current students will be able to update their preferred name.