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Over the last year we have been hard at work developing services and solutions to address the needs that our customers have identified. Information Services  strives to keep the technology we all use everyday up to date and relevant. Here are some of the things that we have been up to.

The Long Email Alias service provides university faculty and staff members with the opportunity to obtain an email address that represents their first/middle/preferred and last names rather than the default address which contains their Campus Connect username. Once selected, a long email alias will serve as a user's primary email address; the user will continue to receive mail at their original address as well. Details on this service are available here.
DePaul has rolled out a methd for guests on campus to connect to our wireless network. This service is available to sponsored guests and conference users. Just look for the "depaul-guest" wireless SSID and either request access through a sponser or enter in your conference credentials. Read more info on our Guest Wireless page.
Previously, it took 24 hours to provision an Office365 account and students had to call the Helpdesk to reset their passwords. With this new portal, students can “activate” their account for immediate access. Their mailbox is created on-the-fly and ready for use within a few minutes. Students can also use the portal to reset their Office365 password if they forget it. It has made the process smoother/faster for students and has eliminated many password reset calls to the Helpdesk. 
Password Resets and Account Activation

More info on Office365 can be found here.

Information Services has been diligently working on migrating current DePaul websites over to the Mobile Responsive framework. Sites built with our new responsive framework adapt to each viewer's environment, whether that's a phone, tablet, laptop or desktop. This site will demonstrate the new standards and features for use across all DePaul University websites. Over the last year we have migrated more than 20 departmental sites to this new framework.

In preparation for the Autumn 2016/2017 academic year, the Classroom Technologies Team worked diligently to replace over 90 existing classroom LCD projectors. The new HD projectors have been installed in various classrooms across both the Loop and Lincoln Park Campuses.

Information Security worked with the Treasurer’s Office to ensure compliance with the Payment Card Industry (PCI) DSS 3.1 standards.  All areas of the university that process credit card payments must adhere to strict standards to ensure the safety of credit card data.  

Automating the setup of email accounts for all DePaul employees, including staff, faculty, as well as student workers.  The process of automation of account assignment covered all the requirements of creating and assigning an email account for a newly hired employee (and also to existing employees who do not currently have a email account), as well as provisioning them a personal network folder (U: drive).  This new automated process removes the manual process where managers were formerly required to submit a request form, and provides new employees access to DePaul emails in a more timely fashion.  

Panopto is a video streaming and video content management software platform that is fully integrated with the Desire2Learn Learning Management System.  Panopto will allow faculty and students to upload and manage video content files for classes directly within D2L.  Click here for more information on how to add Panopto to your course and embed Panopto videos within D2L.