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A friendly holiday reminder of technology services and resources

As we move into the holiday season and look forward to 2022, Information Services would like to remind you of technology services and resources available to the DePaul community.

Who reached out to the Help Desk in 2021?

Thousands of DePaul students and employees found solutions to their technical problems with assistance from the Help Desk. Over 40,000 incidents were resolved in the last year. The Help Desk and the Information Services teams in Infrastructure, Operations, Development, Security, and Services assisted students, faculty, and staff with technical problems big and small. Over 75% of all incidents were resolved within 48 hours.

Most common student topics: Password resets, email access, D2L and Campus Connect support, virtual lab assistance, and Respondus support.  

Most common faculty and staff topics: Password resets, BlueKey multi-factor setup, email access, computer hardware/software issues, BlueSky access, Outlook and Cisco Jabber assistance, and D2L and Campus Connect support. 

Create an incident or place a request?

Create an incident if something isn't working quite right: If something is broken, not working properly, or you can't access an existing service, contact the Help Desk (login with BlueKey credentials).

Place a request for something new: If you are interested in new services or upgrades to existing ones, go to the requests section of ServiceNow. Search for a specific request or make a general technology request.

Reset your password

Self-service password reset with BlueKey: Forgot your password? Once you've registered for BlueKey multi-factor authentication, it's no problem. Follow these instructions to reset your password without the Help Desk. 

Visit the Knowledge Base

Have you been to the knowledge base lately? More and more solutions to technical problems are available in the knowledge base. Please continue to search for topics and rate articles. Your feedback helps us improve the content. If you haven't already, check out the Getting Started: Technology Checklist for studentsfaculty, and staff

Training, Security, and Improvements

More Training: Take advantage of technology training. Contact Information Services about scheduling Microsoft OneDrive or Teams training for your department. Microsoft's training team can do a variety of Office 365 training courses specifically for your office or department. Make sure to utilize other free technology training options, including tri-modal classroom resources and LinkedIn Learning courses (login with BlueKey credentials). 

More Security: Information Services and the Security team have implemented additional layers of security, including a new Remote Desktop GatewayBlueKey single sign-on and multi-factor authentication, and the incorporation of Microsoft's Safe Links and Safe Attachments

Online photo submission stats: Total of approved and mailed IDs from online photo submission is over 5,700 for 2021. 

Tri-modal classroom stats: The AVDC team is enhancing classroom technology in two phases. The first was completed in 2020. The second is in progress. Some of the stats when both phases are completed:

  • 58 tri-modal rooms 
  • 76 Zoom+ rooms
  • 46 additional technology-enhanced rooms
  • 256 new displays
  • 239 new cameras
  • 181 new microphones
  • 25 new switches
  • 932 new data ports
  • 389,000 feet of CAT6 cable
  • 42,000 feet of conduit
Thanks for reading and happy holidays!