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Customized Training Request Form

Select a date from the calendar.

Select a date from the calendar.  

Organization Development Guidelines

  1. Adequate lead time is dependent upon the scope of the project. Summer months tend to be popular for retreats and planning sessions; therefore, wait time may be increased.
  2. Workplace Learning and Performance works with University partners to match staff, facilitators or consultants to an area’s particular need. In the event that a requesting area’s needs are not able to be met by OD-WL staff, OD-WL will refer areas to facilitators and consultants internally or externally.
  3. OD-WL does not charge fees for design and facilitation; however, departments are responsible for providing logistical support, location, supplies, and catering for learning events.
  4. Fees for internal and external consultants and facilitators, plus per diem, are charged back to the requesting department.
  5. If an event is cancelled, the requesting department is financially responsible for any cancellation/postponement fees and additional costs, including consultant fees, training supplies, facilities, food, beverages and all other event needs.

For more information, please contact:
Jason Wells
Organizational Development and Workplace Learning
Human Resources
1313 14 East Jackson
Chicago IL 60604