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Your Responsibilities During the Disciplinary Process

​Manager’s Responsibilities:

  • Review relevant policies.
  • Initiate discussion with employee that exhibits conduct and/or performance issues.
  • Initiate a plan of action to help restore the employee to an acceptable level of conduct and/or performance.
  • Contact an Employee Relations & Equal Employment Opportunity representative for guidelines on the process when necessary.
  • Investigate and/or research, in a timely fashion, incidents in violation of university policies, procedures, rules and standards.
  • Provide employee with an opportunity to present his/her version of the events in question.
  • Explain to the employee the reason for any counseling and the consequences if improvements are not made.
  • Provide written documentation for department file, employee records and Human Resources files, if applicable.
  • Provide employee with continuous feedback on progress during the disciplinary process.

Employee's Responsibilities:

  • Review relevant policies.
  • Work cooperatively with the manager to develop a plan of action to restore conduct and/or performance to a satisfactory level.
  • Contact the Office of Human Resources, Employee Relations & EEO, for additional guidelines if necessary.
  • Provide clear and concise information regarding incidents or performance issues in question.
  • Ask for clarification of issues or concerns that are unclear.
  • Agree on a final plan of action to ensure success.