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Frequently Asked Questions

That would depend on the offense. If the offense is severe enough, the manager does not have to begin the process with a Verbal Counseling. Your manager has the option of beginning the progressive discipline process at the stage that is appropriate for the offense.

No, the request for your signature is simply to indicate, for the record, that the subject matter contained in the formal counseling has been discussed with you. Your signature does not necessarily indicate your agreement with the record. However, your refusal to sign any counseling form does not nullify the formal discipline action taken by your manager. An employee’s refusal to sign the counseling form is not held negatively against him/her in any future actions.

The best course of action is to tell your side of the story to your manager prior to receiving any counseling so that all information and circumstances are taken into consideration. However, it is up to the manager to determine if any type of counseling is appropriate after reviewing all relevant information. If you still disagree with the counseling, then you may submit a rebuttal to be included with the original counseling for your personnel file. The rebuttal should be submitted to an Employee Relations & Equal Employment Opportunity representative in the Office of Human Resources.

If there is anything that is unclear or confusing to you relating to policies, procedures, rules, etc., you may contact the Office of Human Resources at any time for clarification.

Yes, student employees should be held to the same behavioral and/or performance requirements as any employee. However, some student employees may only remain with a department for a limited time and disciplinary procedures requiring additional time to allow for improvements should be taken into consideration. For additional information regarding standard procedures as they relate to student employees, contact the Career Center, Student Employment directly.