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Income Key Information

The Income Key from InVerify gives employees additional control over access to income data. It is a seven digit code required to obtain access to income verification for any employee InVerify represents. Download the brochure​​ for more information.​

How It Works

Most of our employers use a default Income Key when activating the InVerify service. The default is a unique combination of each employee's personal information. The employee has the option to change the key at any time and can set up an expiration date each time they do so that any previous requestor's access has a limited timeframe.

DePaul University has set up a default Income Key: last four digits of your SSN+ the first three characters of your last name.


  1. Go to
  2. Log in to account (if you have no already registered, go to GET STARTED and scroll to Employee Registration.
  3. Select Manager Your Income Key (and confirm that you are NOT a robot), then click NEXT.
  4. Enter a new Income Key.
    • Must be seven digits and include at least one letter and one number
  5. OPTIONAL: Set an expiration date for your income key.