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Child Bereavement Leave Act

​​The Child Bereavement Leave Act provides employees who suffer the loss of a child with up to a maximum of ten (10) unpaid days of leave for employees to:

  1. Attend the funeral of a child;
  2. Make arrangements necessitated by the death of a child; or
  3. Grieve the death of a child.

Employees may take leave for the loss of a biological, adopted, foster, or step son or daughter, a legal ward, or a child for whom the employee stood in loco parentis.

The leave must be used within 60 days of the date on which the employee receives notice of the death of the child.  In the event of the death of more than one child in a 12-month period, an employee may take 2 weeks of leave per child, up to a total of 6 weeks of bereavement leave during the 12-month period.

An employee shall provide at least 48 hours’ notice that the employee intends to use the leave, unless such notice is impracticable.

For more information, including how to request a leave and submit any required documentation under the Child Bereavement Leave Act, contact the Benefits Department at or 312-362-8232.