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A new way to connect

Chestnut Mountain

As DePaul faculty and staff, we recognize the essential balance between work and life. We work hard to support the mission of this university, but we also understand the importance of cultivating rich lives away from our jobs. We all know the great things that our colleagues do at work. Now there’s a new way to show what you do beyond the office and classroom.


The Office of Human Resources is pleased to announce a new way to connect with fellow employees. We are launching @WorkLifeDePaul on Instagram, and we need your help with the content! @WorkLifeDePaul will highlight the adventures and leisure activities of DePaul faculty and staff.

Are you a professor conducting research on the other side of the world? Did you recently take a family trip? Are you simply enjoying an afternoon in the city? Send pictures!

Submit photos any time

Show what you do away from the office. Whether you’re submitting for one of our seasonal photo contests or just want to share images from a recent adventure, we want to post your photos.

Holiday Photo Contest

All DePaul faculty and staff are encouraged to submit holiday-themed photos from Dec. 1 – Jan. 4. The winner will be announced on Jan. 11 and receive a $25 gift card to the DePaul Barnes and Noble bookstore.

Please include your name, job title, department and a description of the photo’s location and subject matter. Tell us the story behind the photo! Although we will do our best, we may not be able to post all photos. Don’t forget to put #holidayphotocontest in your description. You can submit up to three photos for the contest. Additional photo submission instructions and guidelines are listed below.

Submission guidelines

The purpose of this project is to show all of the fun adventures—near and far—of DePaul faculty and staff when they are away from work.

  • Please review the university’s guidelines on social media.
  • Photos should be appropriate for a work-related Instagram feed. We reserve the right to choose which photos are posted.

How to submit photos

  1. Share your pictures via email. Send them to
  2. Upload images through Qualtrics. Here’s the link.

Please follow @WorkLifeDePaul on Instagram!