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Pest Prevention

Many news reports in recent months have focused on the discovery of bed bugs in hotels and public-use facilities.

A bed bug is a small insect that feeds on the blood of mammals, very similar to a mosquito. Bed bugs most often feed on people at night while they are asleep in their beds. Their bites leave small white to red welts, and the bites itch intensely. For information on bed bugs, visit Centers for Disease Control and PreventionWe would like to keep infestations out of DePaul. To do so we rely on our residents to follow the below prevention tips:

  • Purchase a mattress encasement.
  • Do not bring "found" furniture from dumpsters or curbside into the residence halls.
  • Eliminate clutter.
  • Launder your bed linens regularly.
  • Vacuum every day.
  • Bed bugs can be killed by heat over 98 degrees. If you are suspicious of being exposed to bed bugs, wash clothes/linens in hot water and dry them in a dryer.
  • Report a pest control concern immediately to your Facility Area Coordinator.

To avoid bringing bed bugs back with you from break travel:

  • Inspect the bed in your motel/hotel. Take the sheet and pull it back and look at the folds and seams of the mattress. Check the mattress pad for signs of blood spots about the size of a pencil point.
  • When packing to leave, check your clothing and luggage for signs of the small insects.
  • If you get bitten while staying in a motel/hotel, look very carefully around the mattress and bed to try to determine if it is bed bugs. Report the situation to motel/hotel staff.
  • Empty your suitcase and wash your clothes immediately when you arrive home, and dry them.

If you take care to check out the areas where you stay and check your luggage before coming home or back to the residence halls, you will significantly reduce the chances of bed bug infestation.

If you have pest control concerns in your room, visit your area office or submit a work order IMMEDIATELY to report a potential problem. Housing Services has protocols in place with our Facility Operations department and our pest control vendor to manage any perceived reported cases.

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