Housing Services takes fire safety very seriously. Residents are encouraged to read more in their Guide to Student Housing about fire safety, and are required to participate in all fire drills. 

Tips for Fire Safety


· Know the fire safety rules and guidelines for your place of residence 
  (on or off campus)

· Participate in fire drills

· Know where your exits are located — identify an alternate exit
  should your main exit be blocked
· Understand your escape route — could you find your way in the 
· Locate the closest fire alarm pull station

· Leave right away
· Treat every alarm as real
· Do not stop for anything you do not need (books, computer, etc.)

· Remember that timing is everything and the sooner you can reach
  the safest and closest exit, the better
· Feel doors before opening to see if they are hot
· If the door is hot, know your second way out
· If the door is not hot, open it slowly
· If you do not feel heat or see smoke, exit quickly
· As you leave, close the door to your room / apartment to       
  help contain any fire
· Never try to stay and fight a fire and NEVER try to return after
  you have escaped

· Keep the door closed and put a towel or T-shirt at the bottom to
  keep smoke from entering the room

· If you do NOT see smoke outside of your window, then open 
  it slightly to let fresh air in
· Signal for help — yell or scream to attract attention or hang an
  object from the window that can easily be seen
· If you have a phone, call the fire department or 911 to report
  that you are trapped (include location and room number)

Fire Safety Evacuation Map

For a map of the evacuation locations for each residence hall, view the fire safety evacuation map​​.

Fire Safety Posters

Department of Housing Services posted these residence hall and apartment posters to build awareness of fire safety procedures.

Below are posters that were on display for October 2015: 

Previous Posters: