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University Center Move-In


This information is also in the University Center Move-In Guide​​​, which includes details about finding your correct move-in date.

1. Arrive at Holden Court and the Unloading Zone

  • Pull your vehicle into the designated area, Holden Court, to unload. Equipment to transport belongings can be checked out by providing state-issued photo ID. Once the equipment has been returned, staff will return the ID.
  • After unloading  you will be directed to move your vehicle into one of the parking lots located near University Center. These parking lots are not affiliated with University Center, so you will be expected to pay the parking fee. If you leave your vehicle unattended in the unloading area, it will be towed at the owner’s expense.

2. Check In and Move Belongings

  • The check-in process also takes place in Holden Court. Residents will begin by verifying their name and room number to staff, who will then assist them to their room. 
  • After returning the move-in equipment to the loading dock, residents will be directed to the second floor where they will obtain their University Center ID, room key and guidelines about how to properly complete their room condition report.
  • Residents are encouraged to proceed through the check-in stations to get their University Center ID and key while another member of their party stays in the room to unpack.