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Lincoln Park Move-In Day

*Important parking notes: Be sure to pay attention to posted signage around campus. You will be given parking maps during check-in to direct you to available parking that is closest to your hall. Copies of those maps are also available below:


This information is also in the Lincoln Park Move-In Guide (updated for web), which includes details about finding your correct move-in date.

1. Arrive at Your Check-In Station

  • If your move-in date is August 28 or September 3, 2019, check in directly at the Student Center. If your move-in date is September 1 or September 8, 2019, check in directly at your residence hall. See a list of hall addresses on page 6 of the Lincoln Park Move-In Guide (updated for web).
  • If you do not have your DePaul ID Card, please first visit ID Services.
  • Pull your vehicle into a designated unloading zone for your building. There is no parking available for trailers on university property.

2. Receive Your Keys

  • Bring your DePaul ID Card to check in with staff inside the building.
  • You (the resident) will pick up your keys and parking/guest wristbands.

3. Unload Your Car Quickly

  • After receiving your keys, immediately start unloading your belongings at the curb. There is a 15-minute time limit for unloading your car in the unloading zone. Housing staff will be available to offer light moving assistance on September 1 and September 8, 2019.
  • If possible, we recommend that you bring your own dolly or cart to make the move easier.

4. Park Car in Designated Area

  • Move your vehicle to a designated area by following directions given by university staff.
  • Please remember not to park in handicapped spaces, fire lanes, service areas, driving lanes or other areas not designated for parking.
  • You will receive a parking wristband during check-in that will allow you to park in designated parking lots/garages free of charge during designated hours on the following approved move-in dates: August 28, September 1, September 3 and September 8, 2019.

 Move-In Day