What To Expect During Move-In Day

You are probably wondering what to expect on the actual Lincoln Park Campus move-in day!  This is only applicable to August 28 and September 3 move-in days. If you are part of an earlier move-in program, check with that program for specific instructions.

Topics :

  •  Move-In Instructions
  •  Decorating Your Room
  •  Laundry Information
  •  Technology Help for Move-In Day
  •  Community Resources

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    Move-In Instructions

    Click here​ for information on getting to campus by car.  A Move In Guide Map for 2016 will be availble in August.  


    • Pull your vehicle into a designated unloading zone for your building (see above move-in day map).
    • While you (the resident) are checking in, you will be able to park temporarily in the designated unloading zones for your building. There is no parking available for trailers on university property.
     If you do not have your Student ID Card, please first visit ID Services (located in the Student Center) prior to checking in.


    • Bring your DePaul ID card to check-in with staff inside the building.
    • You (the resident) will pick up your keys, instructions for your Housing Condition Report (a report that gives you the opportunity to assess the condition of the items in your room), Guide to Student Housing, and parking/guest wristbands for the day, as well as other materials.


    • After checking in and receiving your keys, immediately start unloading your car. There is a 15-minute time limit for unloading your car in the temporary unloading zone.
    • Quickly unload your belongings at the curb.
    Student housing staff, university volunteers and a welcome team will be available to offer light assistance to residents on August 28 and September 3. If you would like to take advantage of this help, see the moving assistant station near the curb.
    • If possible, we recommend that you bring your own dolly to make the actual move easier.


    • Once your vehicle is unloaded, follow the directions provided by university staff. Move your vehicle to a designated parking lot/garage.
    • You will receive a parking wristband during check-in that will allow you to park in designated parking lot/garages free of charge during designated hours on August 28 and September 3.

    Please remember not to park in handicapped spaces, fire lanes, service areas, driving lanes and other areas not designated for parking.


    You are encouraged to personalize your living areas. However, there are guidelines that must be followed, so keep the following in mind when planning the decor for your new home:

    • You may post things on the doorjamb or wall by using masking tape, painter’s tape or poster putty. 
    • Do not paint or make alterations that will permanently affect the walls, ceiling or floor. 
    • Flat-screen televisions cannot be wall-mounted; they must have a stand.
    • You can bring personal furniture and accessories to your room and move or set up university-provided or personal furniture within your unit. The furniture arrangement must be aligned with campus housing policies and all roommates must be in agreement. 
    • If you are bringing additional furniture, particularly used or upholstered furniture, please clean the surfaces thoroughly to avoid bringing pests into the building.
    • Do not move community furniture (e.g., lounge furniture) into your room or remove university-provided furniture from your room or apartment. All issued furniture must stay in the unit or damage fees will be assessed.
    • All window treatments must remain functional in units. For safety reasons, do not install or hang other window treatments.; it is prohibited to display or hang items in windows.
    • Only university-sanctioned lofts from Bedloft may be used in designated first-year halls. 
    • For fire safety reasons, extension cords and outlet splitters are not allowed. Decorative lighting is allowed, but only one strand (multiple strands connected are not allowed); UL-approved surge protectors/squids are acceptable. See more details here
    You will receive a Guide to Student Housing on move-in day. This will have plenty of resources. To see last year’s guide, click here.

    Laundry Information

    Every residence hall has laundry facilities in the building. Laundry costs are included for all campus residents. There is no need to bring quarters or load money onto your ID card--just load your clothes into an available machine and start the cycle. Laundry machines are for resident use only and are not intended to be used by guests.

    For more information on how to use the laundry machines, check the instructional signage in each laundry facility. We encourage residents to use high-efficiency detergents; most campus laundry rooms feature high-efficiency washing machines.

    Technology Help on Move-In Day

    The Technology Support Center (TSC) (technical support) will be on-site in every traditional-style hall August 28 and September 3 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Student and professional staff members will be available to answer questions and offer services such as providing patch cords and coax cables, help with wireless, ethernet, telephone and general questions.

    Look for the tech help table and representatives in blue polos. You also may speak with a Technology Support Center representative by calling (312) 362-8765.

    If you encounter a technical problem later in the year, the TSC will be your first point of contact. The Genius Squad provides free onsite assistance with computer hardware- and software-related issues. Learn more about the Genius Squad and their hours here.

    Our student-run council, Residence Hall Council, put together a community Resource Guide​ with local restaurants and shopping locations (along with our student center dining). It is a great resource for incoming residents and their parents/guardians after settling in! Note: Housing Services does not endorse any particular store or restaurant.
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