Resources For Once You Are Here

Once you get settled into our campus community, we want to make sure you know about the following resources:

  • Meal Plans
  • Public Safety
  • Technology Resources
  • Mail Center
  • Laundry Information
  • Welcome Week
  • Health on Campus

  • Meal Plans

    All campus residents are required to have a meal plan. DePaul offers a dining program that provides a variety of alternatives designed for you. If you
    have any dietary restrictions or allergies, please email Housing Services at for information about facilities and preparation.
    Keep in mind that the meal plan requirements do not permit release based on religious dictates, personal food choice, lifestyle or preferences (e.g., vegetarian, vegan), or other non-medically based dietary requirements.

    Students can change to a higher plan or add money at any time, but may only change to a lower plan (as long as it does not fall below the minimum required plan) before the end of the second week of each quarter. To change a meal plan, use the online form. All meal plan dollars remaining on a student’s card will roll over from quarter to quarter until the end of spring quarter, June 9, 2018. After that date, any remaining balance will be forfeited and is not refundable.

    Your DePaul meal plan can be used in teh following locations:
    • All dining stations in the Lincoln Park Student Center
    • Brownstone’s Café
    • The Bean in the Schmitt Academic Center and the Ray Meyer Fitness and Recreation Center
    • McGowan Café
    • DePaul Market in the DePaul Center in the Loop

    Public Safety

    The DePaul University Office of Public Safety, guided by ethical, legal and professional standards, strives to maintain a peaceful and safe environment for the students, faculty, visitors and neighbors, and to protect university property. DePaul Public Safety provides the following services: emergency response, escort service, hospital transportation, crime prevention and security awareness, crime victim assistance, safety tips, and lost and found. 

    To contact Public Safety on the Lincoln Park Campus, call (773) 325-7777 or visit Centennial Hall, Suite 304. On the Loop Campus, call (312) 362-8400 or visit Loop Campus Lewis Hall, LL 103. Visit their website at

    The Office of Public Safety provides a car escort service for students, faculty and staff whose circumstances require them to travel alone on Lincoln Park’s campus. Evening escorts are available between the hours of 6 p.m. and 6 a.m. every day. The escort service is only for purposes of traveling within the Lincoln Park campus and to or from the CTA Fullerton station. To contact the campus escort service, call (773) 325-SAFE (7233). 

    Technology Resources

    Technology Support Center (TSC) provides technical assistance for DePaul supported software, systems, networking and services. The TSC provides technical support via telephone, email, as well as self-service through Campus Connection.
    Web: Log in to Campus Connect and select the “Technology Support Center” link to create a self-service ticket.

    Mail Center

    The Student Mail Center--located in the Student Center, Suite 317--provides you with a centralized, on-campus location to receive all of your mail and packages. The Student Mail Center is responsible for issuing mailbox keys. Please note that due to limited space and resources, if you are shipping boxes or trunks, you should arrange for your packages to be delivered after your arrival. It is possible that you will not have immediate access to your packages. If there are items that you require immediately (e.g., medications or perishables), you should bring
    them with you.

    We ask you to check your residential mailbox a minimum of once a week, as you will be held accountable for any university information sent to your residential mailbox. Below is how to address your mail:

    Student’s Full Name (no Nncknames)
    DePaul University
    2250 North Sheffield, Suite #317
    Mailbox #____________
    Chicago, IL 60614
    Mailbox numbers and associated room numbers can be found in your assignment letter, as well as on this webpage. Mail notices are placed in mailboxes to notify you of packages and other mail that cannot fit into the mailbox. You must present the notice and your DePaul ID Card to the Student Mail Center’s service desk to receive the item(s). You are responsible for picking up your packages in the Student Mail Center and getting packages to your residence hall. Note: The Student Mail Center does not supply any equipment to aid in package delivery, such as dollies, carts or flatbeds.

    Deliveries will not be accepted at the hall front desks. If sending something of extreme importance, the Mail Center strongly encourages the use of UPS or FedEx (utilizing tracking and/or signatures).

    Every residence hall has laundry facilities in the building. Laundry costs are included for all campus residents. There is no need to bring quarters or load money onto your ID card--just load your clothes into an available machine and start the cycle. Laundry machines are for resident use only and are not intended to be used by guests.

    For more information on how to use the laundry machines, check the instructional signage in each laundry facility. We encourage residents to use high-efficiency detergents; most campus laundry rooms feature high-efficiency washing machines.

    Welcome Week

    Welcome Week is a series of free events taking place during the first days of fall quarter. These events are designed to introduce students who are new to campus and celebrate returning students coming back to campus. Events are open to all new, returning and transfer students and are a great opportunity to make new friends and reconnect with the old! Welcome Week runs from the end of August through the first week of classes.

    School Supply Drive

    Each year, the Department of Residential Education kicks off the year with a school supply drive to benefit Chicago-area schools. Donation bins will be located in the lobby of each residence hall. All school supplies are welcome. For more information, reach out to Residential Education at

    Health On Campus

    Specific details regarding health services and student health insurance can be found on the Office of Health Promotion and Wellness website at

    It is important that campus residents have complete immunization records on file with DePaul Central. An incomplete or missing immunization record will block your registration.  

    Illinois state law requires all students to have the following inoculations: 

    • Tetanus/diphtheria/pertussis - three doses; one dose within the past 10 years
    • Measles (rubeola) - two doses
    • Mumps - two doses
    • Rubella (German measles) - two doses
    • Meningococcal - one dose; if under age 22, must have been taken on or after student's 16th birthday
    DePaul Student Health Services is run by the Presence Sage Medical Group in a shared-use building on the Lincoln Park Campus at 1150 W. Fullerton Ave., Second Floor. Students who pay the DePaul Health Services fee are treated like current patients, so office visits and basic lab work are covered by the fee. Ideally, students would pay the fee and also have health insurance. More details are available here and from the Office of Health Promotion and Wellness.

    For more information about required immunizations or to submit your documents, visit or contact DePaul Central.
    Questions about health services? 

    Dean of Students Office 
    Lincoln Park Student Center, Suite 307 
    (773) 325-7290 DePaul Center, Suite 11001 
    (312) 325-8066 

    Office of Health Promotion and Wellness 
    Lincoln Park Student Center, Suite 307 
    (773) 325-7290 
    DePaul Center, Suite 11001 
    (312) 362-8066

    DePaul Central 
    Schmitt Acadmic Center, Suite 101 
    (312) 362-8610 
    DePaul Center, Suite 9100 
    (312) 362-8610 
    If you have any questions regarding move-in day information, please contact our offices at (773) 325-7196.​​​​​​​​