The Department of Housing Services takes pride in developing innovative sustainability programs and practices within our residence halls. In collaboration with the DePaul University EDGE program, Housing Services is proud to sponsor the Green Team.

About sustainability programs:
Sustainability programs are developed and carried out through the support of the student-led Green Team, which is part of DePaul's EDGE Program. Members of the Green Team are called Eco-Reps, and assist in planning, coordinating and implementing various programs and initiatives around sustainability in the residence halls. Similar student-led sustainability programs are in place at a number of colleges and universities nationwide. These programs allow for peer-to-peer education on sustainable practices and educate students on how sustainable behaviors can reduce a negative environmental carbon footprint. 

About DePaul's Green Team:
DePaul University’s Green Team program was established in fall 2011 as a way to strengthen sustainability initiatives within the residence halls. The Green Team is made up of 15 first-year students who reside in the residence halls, two upperclass student supervisors (who are typically alumni of the program) and a full-time professional to lead the program.

Green Team members act as stewards of sustainable practices and behaviors. They organize educational campaigns, campus events, and role-model a sustainable lifestyle. Their primary focus is to make an impact on their peers in hopes of creating lifelong habits. It is their goal to impact and change student behavior in a way that will continue indefinitely in the future and that will positively benefit our environment.

​Each fall, the Green Team sponsors the Laundry Sustainability Pledge: a program to raise awareness about the environmental impacts of laundry and ways to reduce energy and water usage to make laundry more environmentally friendly. As part of this program, residents pledge to be as efficient as possible when doing laundry; they do only full loads, use only the amount of detergent required and wash and dry on the lowest possible temperatures.

In April, the Green Team sponsors the annual Earth Week Festival program on the DePaul quad, a major initiative that brings together student organizations, DePaul departments, and local businesses to showcase their sustainable practices and commitment. The event is attended by over 500 students.

Learn more about the Green Team through the following student-run outlets or email 

Green Team Facebook
Twitter: @DePaulGreenTeam