Plan Set-Up

Meal plans allow residents to use their DePaul or University Center ID card to make food purchases at various locations on both campuses and, for University Center residents, at the University Center dining center. New incoming residents will be assigned a meal plan along with their housing assignment. Continuing residents will select their meal plan during the room selection process. The full quarterly meal plan money will be added to the respective ID card at the beginning of each academic quarter/semester.

Plan Requirements

All campus housing residents are required to maintain a meal plan at specified
minimums for each academic quarter/semester. Meal plans for residential students are managed by Housing Services.

Lincoln Park Campus

  • Traditional-Style Halls: Freshman residents living in Belden-Racine, Clifton-Fullerton, Corcoran, Munroe, Seton and University Halls are required to maintain the “DePaul Plan” during each of the first two quarters of the academic year and may request to have the meal plan lowered to the “Lite Plan” for the spring quarter. Continuing and transfer residents in traditional-style halls are required to maintain the “Lite Plan” each quarter for the entire academic year.
  • Apartment-Style Halls: All residents living in Centennial, McCabe and Sanctuary Halls, Sanctuary Townhomes and Sheffield Square are required to maintain the “Apartment Plan” each quarter for the entire academic year. Residents in McCabe Hall “efficiency” apartments (which do not have a full kitchen) are required to maintain the “Lite Plan” during the first two quarters of the academic year and may request to have the meal plan lowered to the “Apartment Plan” for the spring quarter.

University Center

  • Suite-Style Units: All residents living in Quad Semi-Suite, Semi-Suite Deluxe and Private Room Suites are required to maintain a minimum of the “UC Basic Plan” each quarter/semester for the entire academic year.
  • Apartment-Style Units: Residents living in Quad Two-Bedroom, Quad Four-Bedroom and Studio apartments are not required to have a meal plan but are encouraged to maintain a quarterly plan. The “UC Apartment Plan” is suggested.
Meal plans are required for all students living in Lincoln Park campus housing and for students living in suite-style units at the University Center. Every effort is made to accommodate students’ needs within our housing system and food service plans. Keep in mind that the meal plan requirements do not permit release based on religious dictates, personal food choice, lifestyle or preferences (e.g., vegetarian, vegan), or other non-medically-based dietary requirements. Students wishing to request a meal plan accommodation may do so by contacting

Commuter Students

DePaul students who do not live in campus housing may purchase meal plans through DePaul Student Centers. Please contact their office at (773) 325-7052 or to purchase or change a commuter plan.