DePaul University, Student Centers and the University Center offer a variety of accommodating choices for students who have food allergies and special dietary needs. Choices are available at the dining room locations and for carry-out.​

Any student with special dietary needs should contact the Department of Housing Services at Students can take an individualized tour of dining facilities with a member of the dining services leadership team by emailing James Lee.

Balanced Dining for Students' Health

DePaul University, Student Centers and the University Center offer dining services that embrace environmental, health and wellness lifestyles. The Balanced U program shows students how to make the best choices for their health preferences based on a simple set of identifiable icons. Nutritional values are available at each dining location in the Student Center. Whether students are vegan, vegetarian, gluten or lactose intolerant, or are just looking to keep a healthy lifestyle in balance, the Balanced U program offers the tools for these choices. ​