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General Housing Information

Is housing guaranteed for students at DePaul?

Starting for the 2018-19 academic year, new incoming students—freshmen, transfers, graduate and law students—will be guaranteed housing if they submit and complete their housing agreement no later than May 1 (June 1 for transfers). Preference requests for campus, building, room type or roommate are not guaranteed. Please note that the university does not require any student to live on campus. ​

I am part of an international program. How do I obtain housing?

We have a variety of programs for international students. Please email the Assistant Director of Assignments at amorgan3@depaul.edu ​ and we will provide you the most accurate information for your situation. ​

What if I need a housing or meal plan accommodation?

Special housing accommodations will only be honored, depending on availability, based on recommendations from the Center for Students with Disabilities. Students are encouraged to contact the Center for Students with Disabilities upon submission of their housing agreement. Meal plans are required for all students living in Lincoln Park campus housing and for students living in suite-style units at the University Center. Meal plan requirements do not permit release based on religious dictates, personal food choice, lifestyle or preferences (e.g., vegetarian, vegan), or other non-medically-based dietary requests. Students wishing to request a meal plan accommodation may do so by contacting housing@depaul.edu. ​​

Applying for Housing

How do I apply for on-campus housing?

As soon as first-year students receive admittance to the university, they are encouraged to submit a Housing Agreement with their Campus Connect information. Students should visit the apply for housing page​ for details. ​

I already applied for housing. Can I still change my housing preferences?

You can change your preferences as many times as you would like up until June 1 and you will not get penalized for doing so, as we will make assignments based on the original agreement submission date. Preferences are not accepted after June 1. Once you move into your unit, you may request a room/building/campus change after the third week of classes. Read more about room change requests here​. ​

How can I cancel my agreement after applying?

Steps for canceling a Housing Agreement can be found on our cancellation page​. Please note that you are subject to the cancellation policy as outlined in the Terms and Conditions of the Housing Agreement for your year.

What do the room types mean on each residence hall page?

Familiarize yourself with Lincoln Park room types with the handy Room Types chart

Room Assignments

When are assignments (room, building and roommate) sent out?

On-campus housing is usually assigned for the upcoming fall quarter by late June. Students who are confirmed for a unit on campus receive assignment letters in the mail approximately by early July.

For rooms with multiple beds, the decision of which student gets which bed is a discussion that needs to be had amongst all roommates and must be mutually agreed upon. For apartments, Housing Services assigns students individual bedrooms within the apartment. ​​

What is the difference between converted housing and temporary housing?

Both converted and temporary housing allow Housing Services to maximize its use of housing space to place more students into housing, at the beginning of the year. Since the demand for housing usually exceeds the amount of units available, Housing Services has identified different units on campus that are able to accommodate more students in need of housing.

Converted housing occurs when students are assigned to regular residential spaces that have been converted from a double unit to a triple unit. Students who are assigned to a converted space are considered permanent residents of that unit and all residents will receive the same amenities and furniture.​

Converted housing residents are not required to move during the academic year. Should a resident of a converted unit request a move to a standard unit, their request will be processed ahead of regular room change requests. Want to get a better idea of a converted unit? Click here for a 360-degree panoramic view of a lived-in Clifton-Fullerton Hall converted housing unit, with an occupancy of three residents. You can also visit our converted housing page​​ to learn more.

Temporary housing is when residents have been assigned to a residence hall study lounge that has been adapted to a private residential space. All necessary furniture for each resident is provided. The residential space is temporary and as soon as a permanent space becomes available, the temporary resident will be required to move to a new space. ​​

What does it mean to be waitlisted?

Students on the waitlist are assigned housing when spaces become available. While a student is on the waitlist, they do not have a space assigned to them. Every attempt is made to find housing for students on the waitlist. As Housing Services cannot predict when and how often cancellations will be received, it is not possible to determine when a student on the waitlist will be assigned housing, if at all. If you have questions about the waitlist, please call our main office at (773) 325-7196 and ask to speak with an assignments coordinator. ​

Your Room

What is my room like (square footage, furniture, etc.)?

Room set-ups vary by type of room and hall. For more information about your building and general room information, visit the building pages at Housing Options​. Residents who are unsure about whether something will fit in their new space are advised to move in first and then add additional items later. ​

Why can't Housing Services give me exact dimensions of my unit?

All of our units vary so greatly that it is impossible to provide accurate dimensions for each individual unit. Rather, we encourage prospective residents to view our Housing Options page​ and virtual tour​ for photos, approximate floor plans and videos. If you have a specific question about what to bring, we recommend reviewing the packing list from our fall move-in page​.

Living on Campus

What is the guest policy?

A resident can serve as a host to no more than two guests at any time. To have more than two guests at a given time, a resident must request additional guest approval by filling out this form.

Guests must present a state, government or DePaul photo ID at the front desk and be signed in by a resident host.

Residents are permitted to have overnight guests a maximum of two nights in a seven-day period, as long as all roommates are informed in advance of the visit.

To register a minor guest (someone 17 years and younger) wishing to stay in a residence hall, the resident must complete this form​.

The host must escort the guest at all times. View our front desk page​ to learn more about the guest policy.​​

Is parking available on the Lincoln Park Campus?

For parking options and pricing, please visit the Parking Services website​.

Where is the Mail Center?

All Lincoln Park residents get their mail at the Student Mail Center on the third floor of the Student Center in Suite 317. Students can also pick up their mailbox key in the Student Mail Center. For the University Center, each resident is issued a mailbox combination and mail is distributed to mailboxes located on the second floor. ​

What is security like on campus?

There are blue lights located all over campus, as well as 31 outside cameras that campus security monitors at all times and are connected to the 911 center. Every residence hall is also guarded with a front desk attendant, student desk receptionist during the hours of 7 a.m. and midnight, and from midnight to 7 a.m. a professional security guard takes over. ​Public Safety also offers an escort service on Lincoln Park campus from 6 p.m. to 6 a.m. Read more about this and Public Safety here​.

Where is laundry located and how much does it cost?

Laundry locations vary throughout the buildings, but are located in every building. In Lincoln Park halls, laundry is included for building residents without needing quarters or card swipes to run the machines. In the University Center, machines run through the use of prepaid laundry cards.​

Fall Move-In

What if I cannot arrive on my scheduled move-in day?

Students cannot move in early unless they are involved in a program which requires them to arrive on campus prior to move-in weekend. Individual requests to move in early cannot be accommodated. Learn more about moving to campus on our fall move-in page​.

If you cannot arrive on your scheduled move-in date, you may move in on a later date. However, you should recognize that an off-day or off-hours move-in will not include the same services. For example, there will not be staff available to assist you with carrying items into the building, freight elevators will not be available, parking will not be provided and you may need to wait until an on-call staff member is available to check you in. For all moves to campus, please arrive between the hours of 9 a.m. and 9 p.m.

If you are arriving on or after the first day of classes, you should email housing@depaul.edu about your plans to ensure your space in housing is held.

How do I rent a micro-fridge?

MyCollegeFridge is the approved DePaul vendor for renting micro-fridges. Residents in traditional halls may rent micro-fridges; such rentals are not allowed in campus apartments.

Please confirm with all of your roommates before placing an order, as each room is only allowed one micro-fridge. Rental items will be delivered to your room prior to move-in day if ordered by the deadline. Late orders will be delivered after you have moved in. All future residents will receive a mailing with rental and pricing information from MyCollegeFridge in the later part of summer.​

What is the guest policy for move-in?

Our guest policy will be adapted on the two main move-in days (August 26 and September 1).

  • All guests will be issued a wristband for identification purposes during move-in.
  • After 9 p.m., all guests must show identification and be registered at the front desk.

Aside from the two dates above, our normal guest policy​ is always in effect:

  • Guests must present a state, government or DePaul photo ID at the front desk and be signed in by a resident host onto the guest register.
  • If there is no valid ID available, entrance will not be granted. An ID from another college or university is not acceptable identification.
  • You are allowed to host overnight guests with prior notification to your roommate(s). You may only register overnight guests a maximum of two nights in a seven-day period.
  • You are responsible for all actions and behaviors of guest(s).

Meal Plans

Are meal plans required?

Meal plans are required for all Lincoln Park residents. University Center residents who live in suite-style units are required to have a meal plan because they do not have a kitchen in their unit. Students living in University Center apartments are not required to have a meal plan but can purchase one if they desire. Read more about meal plan requirements on our dining options page.​

University Center (UC)

Is parking available at the University Center?

There are many parking lots (surface and garage) around the University Center, but students must work with those companies directly to secure spaces or permits. ​

Can I use my UC Meal Plan at the Lincoln Park Campus or Loop Student Center?

University Center meal plans can only be used at the UC Dining Center. A convenience meal plan (or any other meal plan) can be purchased to be used for the DePaul campuses. Please contact Housing Services with meal plan questions.​